Affordable Care

A Less Expensive Alternative

An attractive and less expensive alternative to nursing-home care is having a live-in caregiver for your loved one. Aside from the cost, which is about half the price of a nursing home, most people needing care would prefer to receive their care in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Fees for 24-hour live-in care range from $185 to $250 per day depending the particular needs of the client. Caregiver Associates will place a caregiver in your home usually within 10 days after initial assesment.

Caregiver Associates, Wisconsin 24 hour Live in Care

In the Comfort of Your Own Home

In addition to the annual savings, the great- est benefit of using a live-in caregiver is sim- ply staying in your own home. Take a look at the typical nursing home and you'll see an understaffed facility where nurses, CNAs and aides are rushing from one task to the next with little time available to spend quality time with their patients. Residents of nursing homes must live according to the meal and bath schedule of the facility. Live-in care- givers allow seniors to live their lives accord- ing to their established routine in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

A Trusted Companion

Caregiver Associates conducts two background checks and follows up with our caregiver’s previous employers to ensure the highest level of integrity and trust. Prior to meeting your prospective caregiver we will present a background summary in either a PDF or a printed copy containing a Wisconsin Dept of Justice Criminal background check, a Wisconsin State Health Department caregiver background check, references and a picture of their drivers license.

Caregiver Associates, Wisconsin 24 hour Live in Care

24-Hour Companionship

We’ll match your loved one’s needs with a caregiver who will provide around the clock companionship and non-medical assistance with:

  • meal preparation
  • bathing, dressing & grooming
  • light housekeeping
  • medication reminders
  • transfers
  • toileting & incontinence care
  • doctor appointments
  • recreational activities